Influential Voices: Inspiration

I enjoyed Bill Troy’s recent post on Finding Inspiration from Quality Leaders. Towards the end, he poses the question, “Have you met someone whose teachings on quality influenced you or inspired you?” I must say that I have drawn the inspiration that has driven my career as well as the way I lead from many sources. I was inspired by Helena Haapio when attending WCQI in Philadelphia many years ago. Her presentation made me totally re-think how I approached suppliers quality and relationships with suppliers. Getting contracts right up front is critical I was inspired by Dennis Arter through his writing and training.  Being an effective auditor, whether internally or externally can be a major driver of quality improvement in organizations.   I was inspired by Carne Lee, an elementary school teacher at Galesville Elementary School through our conversations when she taught my children. Her approach and thoughts on evaluation of students have influenced the way I lead my daughter’s Girl Scout troop.

I have found many inspirations from many sources. Who has inspired you? What did you learn?