Raising the Voice of Quality

Paul Borowski asks the question in his blog post  this month, “So, what would it take to get the world’s attention to focus on that truth? What would it take to have the world realize the full potential of quality?”

I think that the answer to this question may come from a story that you may have heard me tell before. In 2006, on the shuttle on the way to the ASQ World Conference, I started to chat with one of the women who also was on the way to the hotel. The conversation went something like this…

Aimee, “Are you on the way to the ASQ World Conference?”

Woman, “Yes, but I’m not in quality, I’m a nurse.”

Huh? I think that perhaps that was the moment that I decided my “mission” was to help people make the connection that what we all do is quality.  World Quality Month may be a time to help remind of us this, but I don’t think that a promotion is going to get us there. This is a grassroots, person by person, all hands on deck effort. When we use quality tools at home and on our way, when we give teacher books that help them introduce kids to quality when they’re young, when we talk about quality in civic organizations, when we write and talk about quality.

How do you raise the voice of quality?