Leadership Saturday

Today was the Ideas to Action Gathering (ITAG). I bring you a single image that I found meaningful as my kids wrap up their track season.


How do you build your team?

Getting Ready for ASQ World Conference

I’m excited to have the opportunity to return to the ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement next week. If you’re planning to attend for the first time, there are two tips I always give to people:

  1. Sit with people you don’t know at lunch. If your colleagues are there, you will see them when you’re back in the office; you will see people from your local section at the next section meeting. This is your opportunity to build your network – I still keep in touch with people I met at the first conference I attended in Philadelphia in 1998.
  2. Don’t go to sessions on the things that you know… because you already know those things. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this conversation… Me, “How is the conference going?” Attendee, “Well, I haven’t really learned anything.” Me, “What kind of sessions are you attending? “Attendee, “This is what I do so I picked all the sessions about that.” Step outside your comfort zone, look for similar topics in different industries or even topics that you’re not sure how they might apply to your job, and I guarantee you will have the opportunity to learn new things and bring back things you can apply back in the office.

Things I’m most excited about?

  1. Moderating sessions – this year I’m moderating sessions by Jd Marhevko and Mike Adams, both outstanding speakers. I like moderating because I like to try and see if there is something that I can use from each presentation to take back to my company, and this is something that I share in my closing comments. I also like to hear what others plan to take back.
  2. Leadership meetings and the ITAG (Ideas to Action Gathering) over the weekend before the conference begins. It is certainly an opportunity to see old friends as well as making new ones, but I appreciate the opportunity to gave back to the quality profession and participate as the society looks to transform itself.
  3. I’m planning to get a headshot done at the ASQ Center in the exhibit hall. My LinkedIn picture is from doing a marathon for Team In Training. It is definitely a conversation starter – I had comments about it at the AssurX Users Summit last week, but I’m looking forward to updating it with a professional photo.
  4. My manager and I went through the sessions that I’m not moderating and put together a pretty awesome agenda! I have a list of exhibiters I’m planning to visit as well – it was fun to strategize and I’m looking forward to taking what I learn and seeing how we can put the topics to use at my company.
  5. Forth Worth and Molly the Trolley!

What are you most excited about for at #WCQI2019?