Modern Technology – Influential Voices

In July, Manu Vora guest posted on the A View from the Q blog on using Google Hangouts. Rather than focusing on a specific technology, I’d like to discuss how changes in technology have literally changed our lives. I remember about 10 years ago when I had an allergic reaction to some bug bites while I was on a business trip. I used the cell phone I was traveling with to call and find out where I could get into an urgent care clinic. I can’t imagine dealing with that if I had first had to find a pay phone. Now, I no longer have a traditional home phone, and even my kids have cell phones. Today, technology is everywhere, from conference calls to MOOCs, or Massively Open Online Courses. We can not only have a conversation, we can share our knowledge across the internet, most typically for free. I’ve had the chance to take a course through EdX that was very well put together. And it was free.

When I was in college the first time, I took a class through distance learning. It involved receiving packets in the mail with assignments, and showing up on campus to take a final. As an adult learner, I completed a Bachelor of Science in Technology Management through Herzing University Online, and we had team conference calls, and could watch lectures online. By the time I enrolled for my MBA at Green Mountain College, technology was more fully integrated in the learning experience, and we had sharing tools integrated into our online platform that we could choose to use, or not, depending on the team and how we wanted to learn together.

As technology continues to evolve, with both free and paid platforms for knowledge sharing, we will have many new opportunities to connect and learn from each other. I look forward to seeing what the future brings. How do you use technology to connect with others and to learn?