Influential Voices: A Global Perspective

In this month’s post, Bill Troy asks the question, “Are we doing enough, throughout the world, to accomplish that mission?” ASQ’s mission statement is, “To increase the use and impact of quality in response to the diverse needs of the world.” Bill asks a tough question here, especially since there are still those who believe that we’re doing too much. I was on the Board of Directors when the organization really started to align behind going global, and started developing plans (that have since changd) on where we would focus our efforts. I received many e-mails and comments that going global with quality would take jobs away from US workers, and that we should not take our knowledge globally. This is somewhat ironic at a time when many are using methods that were first developed in Japan.

I’m excited to be involved in finishing a project that was started by Dennis Arter. The Customer-Supplier Division published the Supply Chain Management Primer in 2013. It has since been translated into Hindi, and I’m working to close the loop on Chinese and Portuguese translations. I would love to see it translated to other languages as well, so that we can expand our global footprint. Are we doing enough? I don’t think so. But each of us can have an impact.

What are you doing to help ASQ accomplish that mission?