Influential Voices: More than just Customer Service

I’ve written in the past on this blog about good service and bad service from businesses in the past, but a story I heard from a high school classmate tonight (via Facebook) goes beyond bad service.

Here is the original post:


This was a delivery driver that came to my classmate’s place of work. This totally goes beyond the bounds of safe food handling. I don’t care how the food was wrapped. I’ve never worked at a place that delivered food – perhaps because my food service jobs were limited to ones that came with the question, “would you like French fries with that?” Certainly I saw some pretty unacceptable practices in those places that you really don’t want me to describe, or you may never want to eat fast food again. Although, that may not be such a bad thing… My first response was, “What would I do? Speak to the manager!” and my second, tongue-in-cheek response was “Oh… and publicly shame the delivery person… “Excuse me, did you forget to wash your hands when you went to the bathroom? Eew!””

What would you do if this person delivered food to you?


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