Final day of Young Scholars summer camp

Finally, the last day of Matthew’s science camp – he was waiting for me to download his photos. So, I have to say, the entire week was a success. Matthew went into camp thinking that he was interested in science in general, and particularly something medical. He came out with a better appreciation for all science. I asked his favorite – at the beginning of the week it was Marvelous Microbes, but now he said it was all of them. Plus Hannah got to participate on Friday, and she wants to do it next year. I loved seeing the kids using analytical skills to try to figure out who was “spreading the measles.” And I love that the teachers made science fun.

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This morning my mom drove me to camp. I went right to Machinery Life to solve the mystery from yesterday. We solved it doing the same tests as yesterday and the tests showed that the teachers helper did it.

In What’s in Your Hood today we played a game about animals, then we all went inside and Mr. Lee, our teacher told us about a lot of animas and there adaptations. Then  he brought out a live snake and we got to hold it.

After lunch I went to Amazing Chemistry and we started to make slime and then after that we made slime and then after that we made slime and then after that we made hard foam, ha did I get you thinking that I was going to say slime right. Before the class was halfway over my mom and sister came and they participated in the slime and…

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