Day 4 of Young Scholars summer camp

Today, Matthew commented to me that one of the girls at camp has the exact same schedule that he has. I suppose that it is not surprising that there are many more boys than girls attending camp. Hannah is more interested in archeology camp than science camp. It will be interesting to see how the kids change their ideas and interests as they get older.

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This morning my dad drove me to camp. When I got there i went to Machinery Life and we had a mystery to solve and we learned if things had lipids, oils, glucose, and starch. We also put bananas in water to see what would happen.

My next class is What’s in Your Hood? And today we were learning about animal adaptations. But we were also just learning facts about animals and birds.

After lunch I went to Amazing Chemistry and today we doing packing peanuts. What we did is put some packing peanuts into nail polish and it looked like, wait stop for a second I’m not going to tell, you’ll just have to find out for yourself.

Finally I went to Mysterious Microbes and played with bacteria for a half hour. Then we put lotion on our hands that had something in it that when you put it…

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