Day 3 of Young Scholars summer camp

This blogging exercise with Matthew has taken a turn for the worse. Note the short post here. I can’t complain – he is still learning new things, and was very excited that they got to eat the yogurt that they started making yesterday. Apparently there was a food theme today – they also picked and ate mulberries today. We’ll see if we can keep this up through the end of this camp!

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This morning I woke up early so I could pick cherries but I didn’t do it. So when I got to camp I went to Machinery Life. We were learning about something called  diffusion. We learned how it works.

In What’s in Your Hood we got to take a hike and it was fun. We found a mulberry bush and we ate every thing that we could reach.

After lunch in Amazing Chemistry we did some vinegar and baking soda experiments and we got to keep some samples of the foam.

My last class was Mysterious Microbes and we look at some bacteria and mold. We also got to try yogurt and we started to make soda and bread.

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