Influential Voices: December post, a little late

As I write this, December has in fact come and gone. Winter has finally hit Wisconsin, and the wind is blowing hard today. I have been reflecting on December, and not posting, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it has to do with the reminder that I still have popping up in Outlook; a reminder to call Danny Whelan. I am working on an initiative to improve training delivery to member leaders with a team from the Section Affairs Council (SAC) and the Division Affairs Council (DAC). I had e-mailed Dan to talk about ethics training materials, and I put a note in my calendar to call him at the “beginning of next week.” Only I got to busy and didn’t make the call. And now I can’t.

I still remember the folks that I met at the first board meeting I attended in 2006 at WCQI, just before my term started that July 1st. Dan was one of those rolling off the board at the time. I remember that he made me feel welcome, and he made me laugh. I had the privilege to spend more time with Dan while hanging out with the Biomedical division at WCQI and other events.  I laughed when I found an old blog post from WCQI in 2007, talking about a visit to Sleuth’s in Orlando, and the fun, friendships and learning I had experienced that day. I appreciate the times that Dan answered my questions, both about ASQ, and about quality in the medical device industry.

So I think that it is time to dismiss that reminder. We’ll get to read more about Danny in the February Quality Progress. Thanks for listening… and I’ll be back with a January post later this month.


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