The future of Baldrige

When I first read Paul’s post on the Baldrige award and the fiscal commission proposal to de-fund the Malcome Baldrige Performance Excellence program, I have to admit that my initial reaction to the issue was similar to that of one of those who commented on Paul’s post, that every special interest would be looking to defend their piece of the budget pie.

The bigger picture look, however, is that the Baldrige criteria are being used to help organizations improve their performance, and this can give US businesses a competitive advantage. As noted on the website, “The Baldrige Program’s mission is to improve the competitiveness and performance of U.S. organizations.” Our local ASQ section is always able to draw a good audience when we have someone speaking on a Baldrige-related topic, and for a very good reason: the use of the criteria is not exclusive to those who seek recognition through the Baldrige Award or a state quality organization. Anyone who uses the criteria can benefit from them. This is an investment in the future, especially considering how the criteria have been embraced by healthcare and educational institutions, not just the traditional manufacturing sector.

How do you keep your organization competitive?

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